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Combining my passions for the written word, botanical images, ceramics, paper and textiles, I find great satisfaction in the creation of many different art pieces from my graphic designs.


Once a design is created on paper, it is transferred to a linoleum block, carved and used as a stamp which can be impressed into clay slabs or onto paper. The process adapts to many artistic disciplines (graphic arts, printmaking, ceramics and even textiles). The result is an innovative surface treatment to each of my pieces.  Most of my work is very colorful and it is reminiscent of the folk art of my Slovakian family roots. 


I was born and raised in Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada and received my BEd (Art & Music) from the University of Saskatchewan. I taught elementary school in Saskatoon and I have made Regina my home for the past 35 years.  I continue to sell my work through Traditions Handcraft Gallery (Regina) and from my home studio.  I have also enjoyed spending the last five years focusing on faith and art, creating larger works and curating my first group exhibition. Watch the videos on my website to view these projects.


I invite you to connect with me via email or make an appointment to visit me at my studio.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Louise Tessier

I am passionate about how words can move people to laughter, deep thought, even tears.  For centuries, writers have used nature, especially flowers & gardens, to give meaning to our lives...words to help along the journey.  By creating stamped impressions in clay, I can share thoughtful moments

that touch peoples' lives. earth & words coming together - Garden Rhymes® 

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